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  1. As a PMIA I am interested in claiming Africa in part as my own. How can this be a possible dream for a 63 year old single Black woman whose the mother of three grown children. Our people diverge from Liberia. Owning land in Africa would be a dream for my family. My father wanted to be buried there but we could not afford it. So he was buried in the VA cementary along with my mother on top. I want my motherland back to see the beauty and the vastness to reconnect with. It is my land, it is mysoil and I am surely of its soil. America had never seemed to be home. I have not been able to work long because I was injured at the Postal Service which I have not be adequately commpensated for, I grow dissholluned, tire, fedup trying to succeed in America. Tired of begging for food stamps and the small amounts to live on like food stamps of 15.00 per month. I need Africa just as I feel it needs me!!

  2. When I enter what I call a white establishment i still feel that it belongs to them and I should be on my best behavior,. I was taught to respect them even if it doesn’t give me peace. I am excited about owning a part of my Motherland however, I am concerned that this is possible. I must learn more and in what small way I can contribute. this is a great oppotunity although by son is not interested in returning to Africa because of how it had bee depicted in the news and anoung the black comedians. My email is I want to participate in thid reclaiming of Africa, Would like to be on the forefront. tHANK YOU SO VERY KINDLY FOR REVIEWING THIS INFOMATION. sINCERELY jOYCE l. Curvey/Hatch.

  3. I’ve seen my poor father getting cursed at by policeman asking “where you going Nigger, this time of night-yall supposed to be inside by now. “Yessa we’ll be there rectly” The indignation carried by a small man stood tall with him until his death. Having his children watch his shoffle and saying yes sir when I was 10. “”Daddy, you don’t have to say yessa to anyman. Joyce you just hush up, you don’t understand. tHIS IS HOW WE GET THEM OFF OUR BACKS. wE AGREE WITH THEM.WHOLEHEARTEDLLY WITH SIMPLE MINDS THE WAY THEY SEEM TO LIKE IT. i BOILED THAT NIGHT FOR THE FACT THAT MY FATHER FEELS HE HAD TO ACT A CERTAIN WAY TO GET HOME AND HIS KIDS HOME IN ONE PIECE. iT WAS HUMILIating and set up back for years.

  4. I am tired of pinching pennies to live my life. I’m tired of people going over my life so that I might get 15.00 in Food Stamps at my age. It would be great to age with dignity and not have to worry about my children worrying about me. To live indepently can be wouderful but no funds for long term care insurance. I need help to provide something for my grown kids and my grandchildren. A portion of where we derived from could just do the trick.

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