Application for Safe Harbor/Asylum


On October 4, 2007, Emmett Does petitioned the Ambassador of Venezuela to accept him as a “Prisoner of War” for reasons described below. The following text is an excerpt from Emmett Doe’s “Application for Safe Harbor/Asylum” with the sovereign nation of Venezuela. To read the full 19 page document, please right-click here and save the PDF.

The point Mr. Ambassador is that, I am not “Really Quitting america” for want of self expression, accomplishments or want of opportunities; I am “Really Quitting america”, to: “Save My Life, and Exposed To The World, The Ongoing Genocide and Extermination of My People …“the people made in america”!

[Definition and Context for the Term: “the people made in america”, also expressed as, “pmia”, “made in america”, also “mia”. I coined the term to express, “Who We Are, As a People”; and to accurately identify ourselves from among all other interest groups. The Term Answers For Good, The Age Old Question: “Who Are We”? We are “the people made in america”, the descendents of those Africans taken as Prisoners of (an undeclared) War, Murdered, Terrorized, Mutilated, Tortured, Stripped of Kith and Kin, Mated and Bred like Animals, Brainwashed to Erase All Knowledge of Self and Collective Consciousness. Programmed to Commit Hate-Crimes against ourselves and our Brothers and Sister’s, Humiliated, Brutalized, Lynched, Castrated, used as “Ginny Pigs”(with-out pain-killers ) for so-call “Scientific Research and Enquiry”.Tthe disciplines of Gynecology, Pharmacology, Surgery and Trauma Treatments rest on the suffering, and anguish of countless legions. And lastly, the people made in america were denied and stripped of Human Dignity when they were subjected to partial nudity in northern climes and “total everyday nudity” in the wreathed south. Contrary to the images and lies maintained by Artist and Scholar alike partial to complete nudity was the norm.

My intent is for the term, “the people made in America”, to neutralize the many distractions, deceptions, and illusions that reinforce emotionally entrenched programs of denial, that blocks accepting the unthinkable; that we the descendents of those enslaved African are not, nor can we ever be Citizens of America, but are in fact regarded and exploited as “Spoils of War”.]

Now, when the terms “African/Afro American” or “Black” are used in any way to refer to or address us “As A People”, it must be hyphenated by “pmia”, “made in america”, “mia”, or “the people made in america”; thus, employing the appropriate term(s), as a suffix or prefix.

In support of my decision, I abandoned all my physical comforts and possessions. I loaded that which would fit of important in my Old Range Rover. And after last minute goodbyes with my children and grand children; I began the 1300 mile journey in the spirit of Helen Keller who said: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”!

Upon arriving at The Embassy to what I thought would be a process to determine my status, I was met with disbelief, skepticism and frankly some hostility. Staff wanted to know what I was doing and why was I doing it there; two legitimate and reasonable questions. Answering both questions made the murky water darker. Only after I became convinced that indeed I had acted on misinterpretation of information and after it became clear that my action could not be supported by the staff, I departed the Embassy more than a little disappointed and unsure of my options and just where I was going to sleep. [Making money has not been my primary purpose in life. Business / Entrepreneurship for me are about self expression, possibilities and a conversation. My long-term business partner recently advised me, that ongoing negotiation could impose major changes in this regard.

Overall, I was treated well by your staff and I thank them. During that “reality check” at the Embassy, I was told that the proscribe process to seek “Asylum” required submitting an Official Asylum Application. Weeks later, I was informed by Second Secretary Marcos Garcia and Third Secretary Robin Zapata on my second visit to get the Official Form that the Consul General would allow me to write my request in my own words.

He also said I could address the letter to H. E. President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias or to you Mr. Ambassador. I thank the Consul General for allowing me this latitude.

The Claims:

My people, the people made in america, are not native to North America, Immigrants, Black, or African American (a European from South-African, can be an “African American”). The term “Black” is also a misnomer and complicates the necessity to identify and distinguish our unique interest, as a people, from other groups.

Those who came/come here to North America, from Africa, the Caribbean and South America, came with: “A Nation”, “A Flag”, “A Story”, “A Place”, “A Language”, A Religion”, “A Home”!

The people made in america are alone in this land and have no place to return to, or to send a package “Home”.

It is fitting that I began composing this letter nearing the second anniversary of The United States of America’s shameful humiliation and murder of the people made in america, with the “Sneak Attack” that should live in infamy as simply “Katrina”!

The whole “World” held its breath in disbelief as the cries and anguish of the people made in america, not only went unheeded, but were met with contempt, indifference, and malice. Federal, State, Municipal and Civil Authority, without exception including Church and Traditional Relief Agencies, i.e. Red Cross/ Salvation Army, and “Showcase” Black-mia Leadership, all looked the other way or gave only token lip service. And, as you know, Mr. Ambassador offers of Humanitarian Emergency Supplies and Assistance from your country and the Cuban People were shamelessly rejected under the Presidency of George W. Bush.

While Home-Land “Insecurity” failed to locate one route to evacuate people to safety or deliver clean drinking water, food, or toilet paper; the National Guard, Black Water Mercenary’s, Foreign Armed Forces and other Private Goon Squads, including Local, National and International TV crews wondered about and among the hapless victims at will and whim. I found myself transfixed, as did many. This act sent my DNA into total recall, as if we were witnessing, like it was back in the Slave Dungeons and Holding Pens on Gorie Island being forced to live in human excrement and terror in the holes of ships. It is as if they wanted to display to the world how poorly we handled fear, hunger, exposure, and dehydration. They made being drowned, murdered, terrorize and tortured, while seeing “Loved One’s”, old and young die from Exposure, Dehydration and Hunger, was somehow made their fault. Like 911, the look of shock and the sounds of wailings by people clinging desperately to a single tread of sanity provided a feast for the media. Another televised spectacle for a world made numb by images of violence, savagery, tragedy and horror.

This letter is sent to you, Mr. Ambassador with A Prayer and A Plea for “Acts of Redemptive Justice and Mercy” by granting me Safe Harbor, Sanctuary, or Asylum on the overwhelming preponderance of Historical, and Current Empirical Evidence. The facts set forth here establish that the United States is engaged in an ongoing “Systematic and Institutionalized Program of Re-enslavement, Extermination and Genocide of “the people made in america”.

Furthermore, as the Rights and Recognition of Indigenous People have come of age, the Recognition of Hundreds of Millions who are the descendents of the “Abducted and the Abandoned” continue to twist slowly, slowly in the wind. The crimes committed and that continue to be committed against them is disserving of a new classification for Criminality and Anti-Human Hubris and by European Nation States and Papacy. Nation States no longer in alliance with the perpetrators of The Worlds Most Egregious Institutionalized Act of Cannibalistic Exploitation, Greed and Barbarism, called the “Great Civilization” must formally begin internal conversations to imagine ways of formalizing clear understandings and processes to lead the whole world back to a place of “Equilibrium and Integrity”.

I pray Venezuela will choose to take another step toward this new beginning!

As A People, we have been rendered obsolete as a labor force and we are no longer predicable or docile. We have always been regarded (by The System) as a permanent and an emanate threat to the internal security of the Nation, whose sins against us continue unabated and without remorse. Under withering provocations, The System continues to escalate; the race is nearing the finish line, as to if the pmia can be completely neutralize as an internal threat before that fear-full day when “we rise up”!

I heard Dr. King say in Atlanta Georgia on August 11, 1967: “…And somewhere we must come to see that we must rise up and stand on our own two feet and say to our white brothers that we are determined to be men…this is what the movement is saying…we’re somebody…we are determined to gain our freedom and we’re gonna start with ourselves by freeing our own psyche, our own souls. This is where we’ve got to start first…for, you see, in the final analysis if we’re going to be truly free, nobody else one can do that for us. No Lincolnian Emancipation Proclamation can do that for us. No Johnsonian Civil Rights Bill can do that for us. If we’re going to be truly free we must reach down into the inner depths of our being and sign, with the pen and ink of assertive manhood, our own Emancipation Proclamation…

The constant fear and unspoken terror of a justified mia uprising, and acts of retribution, in the spirit of “1804”makes the very suggestion of reparations “a pipe dream”.

Of great importance is the admonition of Professor Bobby Wright, as he is quoted in the book the “The Irritated Genie” by Jacob H. Carruthers: “We must take the unequivocal position that if the Black race is to perish, the world must perish with us. Blood debts must be repaid in blood. We must never accept money and privileges as repayment for the mistreatment of our people. The past Black generations who suffer for no other reason than the color of their skin must be avenged not because of hate but for justice.

Plaintiff request or hollow demanding threats for so-call “Reparations” cheapen, dishonors, and betrays the memory of those who were strong enough to become Ancestors. “Demands for Reparations” suggest and implies it is that much money in the whole world? Only the Naive and Unaware, the Opportunist or Untrustworthy Collaborators would ever seek or accept money socked in the blood of their Ancestors.

World Economic Capitalism (white supremacy) rests on the very economic models that evolved from the internationalization of the manic exploitation and enslavement of The Africans, the powerless and the helpless!

Granting this Application Excellency would officially elevate and expose the ongoing “Crime of Genocide” by the United States of America before the “World”. Such an Act would be an acknowledgement of these continuous and heinous violations of not just our “Human Rights”, but “Human Decency”!

In addition to the suggestion of President Chaves that the UNITED NATIONS be relocated from United States Territory, it really needs to be abandoned and replaced. It needs to be set adrift to implode from its own ineffective relevance to “Justice and Peace” ANYPLACE!

The History of the United Nations is one of Betrayal, Deception, and Hypocrisy. The United Nations was created to serve “as a fiction” to simplify managing the process of subjugating and plundering the Lands and Labor Resources of the So-Call Third World.

One of the first official acts, as you know, of The United Nations was to betray its own Charter and to allow England (in the service of World Zionism) to “Partition the Land of Palestine” (Land that didn’t belong to England, or the United Nations). No believable or intelligent explanation has yet been offered as to how giving away territory in “East Africa” punished a European Nation for what was said that was done to “Jews”. And, on that note, I want to offer an apology to the Palestinian People and to The People of the Region, for the key role played by Ambassador Ralph Bunch, for being a tool of “International Imperialism”. And, in later years, for Bayard Rustin, James Baldwin, Ambassador Andrew Young, Judge Clarence Thomas, Collin Powel, Condoleezza Rice and other tools made in america!

The United Nations, like most Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and Non-Profits alike are agents of State Policy and Power; they have all proven themselves to be as “useless as tits on a bull” in their capacity to imagining life off the Imperial Plantation, and to make a real difference in the imposed suffering of those made needy! Appealing to this assemblage to address the problems of the world to facilitate peace on earth or to address the circumstance of “the people made in america” is “a fool’s errand”.

[Here the writer wishes to take note of the “Histological Truth” that the lands presently in dispute were taken by force from Black Africans; that should makes imposing “A Real Prohibition on Seizing Lands by Force of Arms” a worthy aspiration of “A New World Order for Human Beings”. And just maybe Ebony and Mulatto Muslims, and those from the Indian Sub-Continent will check themselves with their aggressive exploitive behavior in Black Africa, and remember, before they are compelled too!]

A new world is being born; if you listen carefully you can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy

From Private Prisons on the Stock Market to the virulent unjust public attacks on leading figures over the decades from Jack Johnson, Paul Robinson, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Congressmen Adam Clayton Powell Jr. to Rubin (The Hurricane) Carter, Muhammad Ali, Motown’s Barry Gordy Jr., James Brown (Conviction and Imprisonment for Self Defense), Judge Clarence Thomas ( publicly humiliated, stripped and seated; preventing him from ever asserting the “Moral Authority/Leadership of a Thurgood Marshall, set-up by the unprincipled opportunist Anita Hill), Hank Aaron, Michael Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Brown (Whitney Houston), Kobe Bryant (who’s accuser had three separate semen remains in a single pair of drawers), and Barry Bonds (tarnishing his deserved recognition for his achievement), Michael Vick (over damn dogs?), to the relentless and villainous attacks on the former Prince of Southern California “The Juice” O. J. Simpson.

And, the questionable deaths and assassinations of Ron Brown, Mickey Leland, Dr. Betty Shabazz, Ken Bridges (MATAH NETWORK Co-Founder killed by the so-call D.C. Sniper), Tupac Shakur, Khalid Muhammad, Yolanda King, The Honorable Maynard Jackson (my friend, who gave me a snip-shot of his plans to give the National Democratic Committee “Holy Hell” with his Voter Registration and Education Initiative weeks before his so-call “heart attack”), and James Brown (70 year old athletic dancer do not die of “Heart Attack”. They may die of “Heart Failure” in old age AND NO Millionaire Dies of “Walking Pneumonia” in America. Makes one wonder what/how did “Soul Brother #1” really die of/from”?).

And then the wholesale criminalization and attacks on little people with over One and a Half Million mia-Males of reproductive age incarcerated along with the fastest growing “new” prison population being mia-Females. On point, the former President (“Mr. Cool-Horn-Blower himself) Bill Clinton, was the man who hurt My People the most out of the past three Republican administrations. From his betrayal of poor mia-Mothers with so-call “Welfare Reform” and his “Pushing the race to the bottom” for mia-family incomes, to his “allowing” the Federal Drug Sentencing Disparities to remain in place; all that need be said about “the first black president” (who’s moving to Harlem Kicked Gentrification into “Light-Speed) is that “With Friends Like This (Bill Clinton) Who Needs Enemies”!

From Tulia Texas (where 13% of the Towns population “were set-up” and criminalized) and 15 year old Shaquanda Cotton of Paris, Texas (Where approximately 90% of youthful offenders – most of whom are mia-black – placed in Texas Youth Correctional facilities), The Jena Six, Jena, LA. (Six Male Juveniles, charged with 2nd Degree Attempted Murder, “The Weapon”…“Tennis Shoes”.

But the less acknowledged tragedy of Jena, LA is similar in one respect to the tragedy of the so-call “Atlanta Child Murders”. Both could have had different outcomes had the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) responded to the cries and pleas for help when they were first made. The active indifference of the NAACP resulted in the “wrongful conviction” of “Wayne Williams’ in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Jena, LA they set the stage for “unnecessary theater”.

In both travesties of “just-us” the NAACP was called upon in a “timely way” to provided competent representation for the Defendant(s). They were called upon to stand against “The System” and for the people made in america. Instead they acquiesced to “The System” and became willing witnesses to the “Legal Lynching” of Wayne Bertram Williams in January 1982, and the Jena Six in December 2006. Had it not been for the family members and friends focusing world attention on this all to “typical American City” no help would have been forthcoming from the NAACP, ACLU, or Jessie and his boys!

These outrages, Murders, Unjust Incarnations, Punishments and Indictments, and Betrayals are condoned, orchestrated and or coordinated by National, State and Local Government Agencies against the people made in america. The words of Fredrick Douglas are as true today as they were on July 4, 1852 when he said: “What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are, to Him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy-a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages.

Even so, many in the world including Black Africans and those of African Ancestry have been conditioned to unreasonably fear, revile and distain My People, because of racist filthy lies and distortions projected daily by the Zionist owned, controlled and directed Mass Media, Public Relation/Propaganda Empire. From the pulpits to the classrooms, the doctrine of the inherent criminality and moral decadence of Males-mia, (in particular) is preached and recently the target has become somebody’s Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Daughter, Wife, and Lover. Many miss-guided and miss-lead artist and just plain Culture-Pimps, Aids Pimps, Hunger Pimps, Help People Pimps, Jesus Pimps and 501 C-3 Pimps are too immature and greedy to care to know, what short term and long-term damage they help to inflect and sustain on the people made in america.

Since before the movie “Birth of A Nation” by D. W. Griffith in 1915, America was “Scapegoating” the people made in america, to assuage and repressed, a Nations Shame, Insecurity, and Guilt elevating these wrongs to a “Pathology” and “Blood Lust”. This National Sickness demands the projection of Criminality, Immorality, and Destructive Societal and Anti Family Values, as Natural to the pmia, and not a mirror/shadow image of themselves.

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